Bottle Drive

Some of you may already have heard the bottle drive is coming in February. This is the last fundraiser of the year and the last opportunity to get those volunteer hours in.

This event is being held in the Sungod back parking lot on Saturday, February 8th starting at 10:00 AM. Flyer distribution is the previous week.

Maria Crawford is the coordinator for this fundraiser, however we really need every ringette family to pitch in and help in order to maximize our fundraising efforts. 

How it will work

We are asking that every team name a “Team Captain”. The Team Captain will be responsible for organizing the distribution of the flyers, tracking their teams volunteer hours and coordinating the collection of the bottles on Saturday, February 8th . Team Captains will be credited for 5 volunteer hours so it’s a great job for someone who has not yet fulfilled their volunteer requirement.

Each team will be assigned several neighborhoods to canvas with flyers (anytime between January 31st to February 3rd) and to collect bottles from (on February 8th). Teams will be asked to commit to a few hours of time on Saturday, February 8th to collect and sort bottles at Sungod. There will also be a chance for some additional volunteer hours for those who would like to help further.

Last year this was our best fundraiser and we’re hoping it’s even better this year.