Please watch this page as it will be updated as new information is made available.

Registration is now open for the 2020/2021 Ringette Season. While we don’t know all the details about what the season will look like here is what we currently do know:

  • Delta Ringette is following the rules and guidelines set by ViaSport, Ringette BC and the City of Delta
  • At this point no competition/game play is allowed on the ice. To begin the season, all ice times will focus on individual skills (like skating and passing) and physical distancing will be strictly enforced. 

DRA COVID-19 Safety Plan

What You Can Do

To ensure the health and safety of all, you may see a shift in the way you interact with your coaches and your team members this season. 

Before You Arrive

Prepare Ahead of Time

As you return to Ringette you must know how to keep yourself and your teammates safe:

  • Read and understand all communications.
  • Contact your coach or COVID-19 Safety Officer if you have any questions
  • Ensure you have signed any and all waivers, and daily health check assessments before you arrive at the ice.
  • Be prepared with a water bottle that is labelled and hard, plastic skate guards.
  • RSVP at least 48 hours prior to any ringette acticity.

Stay up to date by reading emails and communications as we move through the different stages of Returning to Ringette.

At the rink


  • All non-players are required to wear a mask when in the building or sport court area.  
  • Check-in volunteers, will be required to wear a mask when asking COVID-19 pre-arena entry questions


Players, volunteers and parents are expected to maintain physical distance of 2 metres (or stick length). *Please note, no spectators are permitted in the arena at this time.

  • Arrive at the arena 15 minutes before your ice time, dressed.  
  • Lace up your skates in the parking lot.  
  • Meet at the sport court no more than 15 minutes before your ice time.
  • Sit on the marked chairs and wait until your coach asks you to line up to enter the arena.
  • Follow the one-way directional cues for foot traffic.
  • Doors will be locked once team enters the arena. Late arrivals will not be permitted to enter.


  • Please come to the arena fully dressed.  Access to the dressing rooms is limited.
  • If you need to access a dressing room, keep to the marked spaces, and continue to maintain 2 metres physical distance from others.
  • No more than 4 players are permitted in a dressing room.


  • Absolutely no spitting on the ice surface.
  • Absolutely no sharing of water bottles.
  • There are several hand sanitization stations in the rink. Players should keep personal hand sanitizer in your bag. Be sure to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer if you touch any shared surfaces with your hands.
  • No food or drink (besides water bottles) allowed in the arena. 

Stay home if you are sick


In accordance with DRA/RBC’s sick policy, players, coaches, volunteers and family members showing symptoms of COVID-19 may be prohibited from the arena.

  • If you are experiencing symptoms stay home.
  • Anyone who has had symptoms of COVID-19 should contact their health care provider or 811 for advice on self-isolation and testing.
  • Anyone who has come in contact with a confirmed  COVID-19 case must follow the direction of Public Health
  • Report all instances of any of the above to the COVID-19 Safety Officer.

What DRA Has Done

In preparation for your return to Ringette, Delta Ringette has implemented a number of counter measures and policies:


With the support from Ringette BC, City of Delta, and the DRA Board, we continue to mitigate the risk of exposure to our ringette family by:

  • Identifying areas where people gather, such as dressing rooms, washrooms and benches;
  • Identifying tools and equipment that players share while on ice, rings, goalie equipment;
  • Identifying surfaces that people touch often doorknobs, water fountains, ice doors, elevators.

Entry and Exits

  • Signage for entry and exit doors are posted at Tilbury Ice.
  • A sport court has been set up for players, with marked seating for players to gather before entering the arena.
  • Once the session is complete, participants are to gather their personal belongings and file out of the arena, using the directional arrows.

Occupancy Limits

  • The City of Delta has limited the amount of people to be on the ice to 20, this includes coaches.
  • Dressing rooms are available to store personal belongings, each room is limited to 4 people at a time.
  • Player benches and stands are currently closed.
  • Spectators are not allowed in the building at this time.
  • FUNdamentals and U10 are allowed one adult support person per child to assist the player into the arena, but must exit once the player is on the ice.
  • Single-use washrooms are available in the dressing rooms for players and coach use.


  • All non-players are required to wear a mask when in the building or sport court area. Coaches are not required to wear a mask on the ice.
  • Should an injury occur the coach will wear a mask and gloves if/when the physically distancing barrier is broken between the coach and athlete.

Clean and Disinfect

  • The facility is responsible for cleaning/sanitizing the common use areas, including dressing rooms, washrooms and surfaces
  • Coaches are responsible for cleaning any equipment or props used following each event.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the building.


Illness Policy & Attendance

Delta Ringette follows the Illness Policy provided by Ringette BC.

  • Health screening questions must be answered by anyone entering the arena or sport court area.
  • Attendance will be taken at any ringette activity.
  • Attendance lists will be kept by the COVID-19 Safety Officer and provided to Ringette BC or Public Health should it be required.

Outbreak Response

Delta Ringette follows the Outbreak Response provided by Ringette BC

Safety Officer

A COVID-19 Safety Officer has been appointed by the Board of Directors.

Additional information:

If you have any questions about the Return to Play plan, DRA’s COVID Safety protocols or registration please contact